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Straight on the shirt, each piece is like a bead, helping to weigh the beads (also known as Yuanbao Needle); Double board needle arrangement is the same as four levels; Half turn to flower and half turn to flat; The bottom and right sides are loose on the left, and the right side is not moved (except for special requirements). To open a bread needle in Zhudi, pay attention to the flower needle and hanging bowl, as well as the left character code on the surface. There is an uneven appearance and structure on both sides, with a large and round coil on the front and extremely small strips on the back.
1X1 rib pattern is also straight on the shirt body, but without bead shape, so it is called wicker. The double board needle arrangement is fully opened with four flat bead keys, and the right character code on the bottom left side is dense (raised), while the left character code on the bottom right side is loose (lowered or swapped). The difference in wicker character code depends on whether it is straight or not. The needle should be opened at an oblique angle, and the needle should be close to the printed character code. Due to the fact that each line of pattern includes multiple lines of coils, the width of the shirt body is highly specialized and the production speed is relatively slow. However, the thickness, weight, and fullness of the hand feel cannot be achieved by other tissues
The double board needle arrangement is the same as the four flat, and the 1 rotary yuan is the same as the half rotary flat. The font size is appropriate and the front and back are the same, which is more stable than the three flat and four flat. Because the tension of the fabric coil is proportional, it will not curl, and is particularly suitable for knitwear that needs to be strong, dense, and stable
(Osmanthus fragrans), the effect is achieved by placing several specialized needles on the machine board and several specialized needles on the bottom. Twisted rope is also called braid flower, which is divided into three twisted ropes, six twisted ropes and six twisted ropes. One or two bottom needles must be placed on the left and right sides of the twisted rope, so as to show the main feeling of twisted rope, also known as Fried Dough Twists. Here, for example, twisted ropes include general twisted ropes, butterfly ropes, mandarin duck ropes, etc. When twisting ropes with multiple needles, several needles can be placed at the bottom of the twisted rope to lengthen the coil. Needle movement - needle retraction. Moving a single needle or multiple needles in multiple directions in the same tissue can also be considered as a type of needle retraction, but the method is quite unique, so it is listed that multiple needles in the same tissue move as a whole.

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